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Raising the alarm. Rallying the defense.


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If you haven’t already been confronted at work, school, or elsewhere, you will soon be “asked” to pledge loyalty to “diversity, equity, inclusion, social-justice, and anti-racism”. To disguise intent and confuse thinking, these words are being applied to mean the opposite of their original meanings. They are being used to impose a world view in which others are blamed as being “oppressors” while “victims” embrace membership in one or more identity groups as a means of laying claim to society’s opportunities and resources.

Victimhood is power in this new society. By claiming membership in one or more victim groups, one then takes retribution “justly” from those labeled as “oppressors”. Searching for and taking offense becomes a way of getting power over the accused. For accused “oppressors” there is no redemption, just the prospect of becoming an “ally” who furthers the aims of their accusers.

When challenged to affirm your loyalty to this new, fundamentally changed vision of America, your answer may decide school admission, work promotion, or even continued employment.

You can defend yourself, and our country, if you understand what is happening and arm yourself with the knowledge to respond. The Paul Revere Presentation by Free Thinkers Today will help equip you to do that. Our presentation provides:

  • A framework to assess what doesn’t initially appear to make sense in our rapidly transforming society. It does make sense under a different set of values and rules. Theirs.
  • Descriptions and interconnections of four major “allied” groups and their utopian vision.
  • Four steps historically applied to seize a society, now being applied by the Movement.
  • Resources you can use and organizations to effectively engage with.

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4th july project



This kit is for your own 25-minute 4th of July Traditional Celebration! 

Nothing planned? No problem! Contains MC program, participant handouts, scripts for 2 readings, plus flyers and posters. Modify as fits your needs then just add favorite foods, beverages and fireworks as desired!

Download (PDF, 34KB)

Download (PDF, 29KB)

Download (PDF, 20KB)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

The poster and flyer can have the details filled in by hand, but are also fillable PDFs.

Download (PDF, 29KB)

Download (PDF, 27KB)